Quick n Easy Rasmalai

This is my first post for  7 Saffron Street and I dedicate it to my beloved mother. I’m kicking this blog off on this New Year’s day (2012) with her blessings and best wishes.


If you had read the ‘About Me’ section of this blog you would know that saffron is my most favorite spice. You’ll get to see quite a few recipes here that includes saffron; most of the times paired up with different kinds of nuts. Here is a super simple recipe that could soon become one of your favorites. One of my good friends (Thanks Shraddha!)shared this with me a few years ago and since then I have passed this on to so many of my friends. I’ve liked this Rasamalai much better than the ones served in many restaurants. They are so soft, spongy and soaked in sweet, rich and creamy milk colored/flavored with saffron. You can make this for a crowd and please them so very easily.


Serves about 8-10


3 cups whole milk

1 cup heavy cream

1 cup sugar

2 generous pinches saffron

1/2 teaspoon cardamom powder

1 tablespoon pistachios

15-20 canned rasagolla balls


Grind cardamom powder, pistachios and 1 pinch saffron into a fine powder. Mix one half of the saffron-nut mixture and sugar with the whole milk.  Reserve remaining mixture and saffron for garnish.

Boil the milk mixture under medium heat in a heavy bottomed vessel until it gets reduced to two thirds. Keep stirring quite frequently to prevent the milk from getting burnt at the bottom. The saffron would have imparted a beautiful yellow color and a sweet flavor to the milk. Cool and strain the milk; mix in heavy cream.

Drain the sugar syrup out of the rasagolla can completely. Squeeze out the excess syrup from the rasagolla balls by pressing them individually between your palms. Drop the rasagolla balls into the sweetened/flavored milk and refrigerate for 1-2 hrs. Serve cold. Top every ball with a pinch of saffron-nut mixture and a couple of strands of saffron just before serving.

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  1. Aakash Balaji says:

    wow tastes so good!

    1. Im sure it is buddy, but remember the deal we made when you were in India. Im already half way done…..

      Sweet reminder ..:)

    2. You were the first to comment Aakash. Thank you.

  2. H says:

    Congratulations on your blog Meera! Looks really good. Waiting for more recipes:)

    1. Thank you Hema. I saw your messages on FB. Your comment was waiting to be moderated by me 🙂

  3. Bobby says:

    Hi Meera … looks delicious … nice clicks …… will definitely try and let you know ….

    1. You must di. I was thinking of you when I made this. I’m sure you’ll like it.

  4. Aparna says:

    Congratulations and All the very Best Meera !. Its absolutely exciting to see you involved, and hope to make the most of it 🙂 . A sure Tribute to Athai ..! What more can it be. ..

    1. Thanks Aparna. I’d love to hear your feedback after trying out the recipes.

  5. Chithu says:

    Awesome Meera!!! Waiting for more recipies from you!!!

    1. Thanks Chithu. More recipes are waiting to make their way to the blog 🙂

  6. Hema says:

    looking delicious, am trying this weekend 🙂 looking forward for more recipes

    1. Yes, yes. Please do!

  7. A-kay says:

    Looks awesome, Meera. Am sure you have the best wishes from periamma up above. Good luck and much love.

    1. Looks very tempting… and has even influenced “ME” (being least intereted in cooking) in trying out.. i will def try this, thanks for sharing.. All the best…

  8. vidhya says:

    Congratulations Meera! Admire your passion towards cooking 🙂

    1. Thank you Kuzhal 🙂

  9. Madhavee says:

    congrats Meera – good job – will try u’r recipies sometime and let u know………All the best to u

  10. Sreela says:

    Meera – congratulations on a great start to your new year ! Delicious looking food, mouthwatering recipes – altogether yummo ! Keep it up girl, i’m so happy and proud of you.

    1. Thank you mam! Let’s catch up sometime. It has been so looooong!

  11. shabana says:

    First Congrats Meera for your wonderful blog, it has comeup very well and picture/contents looks great. I am tempted to try it out….. Thankyou for sharing and all the best for lot more like this………

  12. Meera, way to go . Lots of my friends are already getting in touch with me to request you to add more recipes..:). You know what, the pictures you have posted (fabulous clicks)are so good which will draw more attention.

    A very proud brother

    1. 7saffronstreet says:

      Thank you Ganesh. This makes me feel so good. Pass on the recipe requests to me. I’ll do my best to work on them.

  13. Lakshmi says:

    Awesome pictures Meera…I love it…can’t wait to try it. Looking forward to learning more recipes:) Good luck on you new blog…

    1. Thank you Muthu. You must share some of your recipes as well.

  14. Aslin says:

    Taste Good……….Hope to see you soon in a Food channel….

  15. Ramya says:

    Hi Meera… thank you so much for this recipe…. Anu introduced me to your blog and we made it for my daughter’s birthday yesterday…. it was so delicious…. 🙂

  16. Anusha says:


    Ramya and I made this on saturday and followed it to the T. It turned out awesome, everyone in the party appreciated the dish. Thankyou so much Meera.

  17. geetha says:

    grt recipe .Thanks

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