Look Wonderful this Winter!

 Many of us kicked this year off with some good New Year resolutions. I got to hear a variety of them from my friends and coworkers. To spend more time for/with family, to focus on self improvement and personality development, to be more religious, to contribute more toward charity, to develop or improve their reading habit and so on and so forth. But the most common set of resolutions that almost everyone had was about eating good, getting active and staying healthy. I’m sure you’ll agree you had one of these as well in your list and so did I.

 Like every year, this year is going by really fast too. Eight months rolled over in no time, kids are back to school, leaves have started changing color and before we know we’ll have to start shopping for the Holidays. I checked back with my friends on how well they were doing on their resolutions. Much like me, most of them are just feeling guilty about not being able to stand by them. Hectic schedules at work, no help from their better halves, kids’ homework, their sickness, games, swim lessons and so many other things left them with no time to focus on their resolutions. Many have even forgotten them. Well, it is for them (including myself) that I’m writing this.

 So, here we are feeling bad for what we have done, for what we have not done and for what we could have done! Those body hugging dresses do not look as good on us as before, some do not even fit anymore. Our physical records are starting to trend towards unhealthy ranges; standing, walking and carrying our own self are getting a little uncomfortable. You look at those wonderfully fit people with a sigh; wondering if you’ll ever be able to look and exercise like them, if you’ll ever be able to wear those shorts and jeggings without showing you awkward.   

 Well, you are not alone my dear. All of us are challenged by our priorities and life certainly is not easy. Yes, your work is keeping you busy; you have diligently attended to all your family needs, you’ve taken genuine care of everyone around you, it is just that you have missed to take care of yourself along the way. Whatever may be the cause you want to attribute to it, you deserve to be much healthier and happier. Only you can work on it and do not take yourself to the point of feeling guilty about not doing it once again. Don’t fret about the months that went past, look forward to the ones that are ahead of you. There still are quite many weeks from now before you can start to think about the resolutions for another New Year to come. You have enough time to bring your dormant resolutions back to life, revisit your priorities and commit to your health.

 Life is beautiful and so must be you. So, come join me my friend – let’s look wonderful this winter and we deserve it! Let me know how you did it and we’ll work together again to make ourselves look stunning next summer!

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  1. Anusha says:

    I am in Meera. May be we should start another blog where all the members can add articles/experiences/recipes for healthy lifestyle.

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