Oregon Vacation

1. Snow Clad Peak WM.jpg

Hola folks, how have you been? It’s so good to be back here with you guys, it feels like I’ve been away for ages. We had a wonderful time vacationing in the states of Washington and Oregon. A much needed break for all of us in the family.

2. Crater Lake Wide WM

My teen graduated from high school and got admitted into his university of choice. Computer science engineering will be his major. The little drama queen is having her well deserved quiet time after her busy school and after school activities. Hubby and I have been having a hectic work schedule since several months. This vacation was all that we needed to breathe, unwind and get recharged.

3. Crater Lake WM

Looking forward to the vacation seems to give us much more excitement than the vacation itself. Nine days of our long awaited vacation flew by within a heartbeat. What we accomplished within this short time is quite phenomenal though. A family reunion, get together of friends from college, visiting relatives and friends, a vacation within vacation (travel to Oregon), my birthday celebrations and quick day trips to Seattle and Bellevue cities – in hindsight that looks like quite an accomplishment.

4. Crater Lake Frame WM

I wasn’t sure if I was going to be blogging about this vacation as I did not really have a post in mind when I was clicking pictures. Also, I shot more pictures of people than places this time. Ten of us traveled together to Oregon and all our time was spent talking, teasing, gossiping and giggling. When I took the camera out, the keenness to capture memories of our family spending time together in those beautiful places took priority than trying to recall all those articles that I had read earlier to learn about composing landscapes :).

5. Crater Lake Wide WM

When trying to sort the couple of thousands of pictures I had clicked, I did find a bunch that I thought I could share here with you. So, here they are. I’m not a landscape photographer by any means, but my passion for food photography has pushed me to try and explore other types of photography too.

6. Crater Lake New WM.jpg

I tried  my hands at shooting group portraits with natural light for the first time with our family in Seattle. With ten people that included four kids, there were a variety of combinations and poses that I could shoot and  I am certainly happy with I was able to accomplish. It is a great feeling and the pictures do reflect the happiness and fun we all had.

7. Crater Lake Wide WM

The flip side of all the enthusiastic clicking is going through each and every one of the pictures, sort, edit, organize, store and share them. It has been a week long effort for me post the vacation and I think I’m finally done with the mammoth task. Before I  get diverted into the next priority I really wanted to put a quick post together and share a few pictures with you.

8. OR 101 New WM

Here is a quick list of places that we visited in Oregon if care to know. It is such a beautiful state and we couldn’t do justice enjoying it’s beauty within four days of our stay there. I’ve already bookmarked another set of places to visit there.

  1. Downtown, Portland – we just drove around the city, spent a few hours at the famous Saturday Market, ate at the roadside restaurants and took a stroll
  2. Crater Lake National Park
  3. Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area – the buggy ride was awesome
  4. Scenic Ocean Drive on OR-101 from Florence to Lincoln City
  5. Multnomah Falls

10. OR 101 WM.jpg

We stayed in a town called Amity, south of Portland all four days. It was a very small quiet village surrounded by thousands of acres of farmlands and vineyards. The town had a very small grocery store that carried very basic, limited and necessary stuff. We had to drive half hour even to get vegetables, yogurt and breakfast items.

11. Multnomah WM

In a way it was good that we stayed in such a remote place because we did not have anything to do but to spend time with the family once we were done with our sight seeing plans for the day. We cooked dinner every night, played cards, stayed up as late as possible and laughed a lot.

Plums New- WM

Before I wrap up, I wanted to share with you these gorgeous plums from a small tree that was in the front yard of the vacation home we rented. Those were the juiciest and tastiest plums we’ve ever had. The tree was so loaded and it couldn’t bear the weight of the fruits that some branches were almost on the verge of falling off.

Plums Old Retouched WM

That was one memorable vacation in every way. It is already a week since we got back to our home sweet home and the business has been as usual. Bye for now folks, hope you enjoyed the pictures. Catch you soon!




5 Comments Add yours

  1. UmmSumayya says:

    “I’m not a landscape photographer by any means” – I don’t buy this – the photos are nothing less than professional. They look like the ones you get to see in travel guides and I’m not exaggerating! And the places are truly breathtaking. So happy you enjoyed your vacation, we look forward to seeing more such pictures.

  2. Saranya S says:

    Love all the pictures, I love Portland Oregon. Its really a calm, peaceful place.

    1. Saranya, thanks so much. The whole of Oregon is so beautiful and peaceful

  3. LoneMsafiri says:

    Love the pictures 🙂 The places looks so unreal and seems like you truly did enjoy yourself 🙂

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