Tiffins of Tamilnadu – A Pop-up Lunch Event

Tiffins of Tamilnadu Pop-up Lunch

Are you a foodie?  Do you enjoy Indian cuisine?  Are you tired of the stale and mundane menus at the local Indian restaurants? Have you been yearning to taste authentic and home style Indian food? Look no further, you’ve come to the right place.  We, at 7 Saffron Street are throwing our hearts and home open to delight you with an exquisite and wholesome South Indian experience, right here in Connecticut.

I’m excited to announce my debut to the pop-up hosting world through the launch of ‘Tiffins of Tamilnadu’ a one of a kind ‘South Indian Breakfast for Lunch’ event. We want to take you home with us to not only treat your taste buds with a wide array of exceptional food from our cuisine, but also to spoil you with the warmth and hospitality that Tamilnadu is known for.  All these years, I’ve been treating my followers here at the blog virtually with my ‘mouth watering’ pictures, precious heirloom recipes and nostalgic family stories. I can’t be more thrilled that I’m taking my passion to the next level by bringing all these experiences together and making them real for you.

Pop-up Events

‘Pop-ups’ are temporary events that are run in small/unique places. They ‘pop-up’ at their own frequency to delight their customers and ‘pop-down’ after the event until next time. I have been thinking of running pop-up events since a couple of years after getting inspired by a few blogger friends. I’m very happy that I’m making this little dream of mine come true, finally.

You will be our esteem guests at our pop-ups and our dining room will be your temporary restaurant for the day. ‘Tiffins of Tamilnadu’ is the theme I chose for my first pop-up as it is very close to my heart. The Sambar and Vadas you’ll get to taste are hands down the best you can find in all of Connecticut. Crispy ‘Masala Dosas’  will be made ‘live’ right in front of you and served to your plates directly from the pan. While your palates relish my signature dishes, your ears will be treated with stories about the food, our culture and of course, our family. What more can you ask for?

Tamilnadu and the Tamil Cuisine

Tamilnadu is the Southern most state of India. It is my birthplace and home. My wings may have flown me to different parts of the world, but the Tamil culture and traditions are an integral part of me.

The state is home to many ancient temples, beautiful hill stations and breathtaking shorelines. ‘Tamil’ the native language of the state is several thousand years old and is one of the longest surviving classical languages in the world.

Dosa, South Indian Breakfast

Did you know that almost every state in India has its own language, music, dance, attire, culture and cuisine? Indian cuisines are very ancient and diverse. Even within Tamilnadu there are many variants of the Tamil cuisine. Tamil cuisine is unique in its own way; our spices, their blends and our cooking utensils/methods vary quite significantly from other parts of the country. The amount of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options the cuisine has to offer is truly unlimited.

Indians love their Tikka Masalas, Samosas and Gulab Jamuns, but our cuisines are far more deeper, broader and richer than these commercially popularized foods. We take a lot of pride in what our country has to offer to the world and our regional cuisines are a huge part of it. They are our priceless treasures and there are many hidden gems among them that are yet to be explored.



‘Saappaadu’ is a typical Tamilnadu meal that consists of several courses of rice served with other traditional soups/stews/sauces and stir fried vegetables. ‘Saappaadu’ is usually served for lunch and occasionally for dinner. Very elaborate versions of ‘Saappaadu’ are served during weddings and festivals on banana leaves. Everyday lunch consists of  lighter versions of the ‘Saappaadu’.

‘Tiffin’ is a word that usually refers to a light meal, but in Tamilnadu any meal that’s not ‘Saappaadu’ is loosely called as ‘Tiffin’. It could be breakfast or dinner or even snack and it does not necessarily have to be light. Tiffins can be very elaborate and have several courses too.

Medhu Vada, Vada Photography, Appetizer

Tiffins of Tamilnadu – The Menu

We can’t be more proud in bringing this rich menu that is painstakingly curated for you. We’ve packaged a wide variety of beautiful, delicious and classical dishes from Tamilnadu for this theme. Every single food item in the menu will be prepared fresh from scratch in our home kitchen using seasoned family recipes that I’ve perfected over the years.Menu New

This is the kind of food our grandmas and moms fed us. This is our comfort food! This is our soul food! This is totally the kind of food to die for!

Program Information

Date and Time : 15 Dec 2018, 12:30 pm
Duration : 2-3 hrs
Ticket Price : $40
Location:  Rocky Hill, CT (Exact address will be emailed to registered diners)
Contact: Meera Seetharaman (Text : 860.416.8659, Email : 7saffronstreet@gmail.com)

We welcome you to soak in our hospitality and take a tiny piece of our precious ‘Tamilnadu’ with you.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Suchita Kalele says:

    I am so convinced to join this event with your drool worthy food images Meera !Those crispy dosas, spicy yet flavorful sambhar and crisp on the outside and soft on the inside fluffy vadas are so inviting. This is such an amazing opportunity to learn about South Indian culture through an delicious authentic home cooked food.I would have love to joined you if we didn’t live that far away. All the best, it is going to be an amazing experience.

  2. Chithu Meenakumar says:

    Wow….Awesome menu Meera….Perfect mouthwatering south indian dishes…Thinking about your perfect vada, flavorful sambar, live dosa makes me hungry now…Adding to that yumminess is podi idli and my all time favourite pongal..Having tasted your cooking I am sure its going to be a great hit….You are an awesome host darling….Can’t wait to indulge and enjoy the day….. Good luck dear…

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