Depression, the monster that no one knows to see!

Today, I want to download everything that have been rumbling within me in the last few years. I want to relieve myself of all the pain and heaviness that have engulfed me.   I want to consolidate all the negative emotions that have stealthily yet steadily encroached my heart and eradicate them without any trace. I…

Happy Valentine’s Day

I have a forty five minute drive to work one way. If traffic gets bad, it could take an hour or even more sometimes. Although it is not fun to be driving alone for nearly an hour twice every day, it happens to be the only quiet time of the day that is entirely  mine….

Malai Koftha

Weekends are so good. To unwind, be lazy, do nothing, nap, shop, catch up with friends and family, cook and eat peacefully, and so on. But, one of the most favorite things for my husband and I to do is to snuggle with our kids before bed time and recall plenty of little stories from our childhood and…

The Tastiest Ever Vegetable Kurma!

Everyone around me knows that I’m a foodie, big time. Thoughts and questions related to food run as a parallel stream all the time in my mind. Wherever I may go, whatever I may do, my foodie antennae would always be up and active to pick up ideas, tips and knowledge about food/cooking.

Mango Yogurt and Berry Parfait

Today’s post is a special one and I’m going to be sharing some exciting news with you :). If you don’t have the patience to read through the entire post to know about it, simply scroll to the end :).

Mango Citrus Mocktail

It is raining mangoes everywhere. Grocery stores, food blogs, photography sites, lunch/dinner menus I’m hearing from my friends and family – all have something to do with mangoes now. I’m joining the mango bandwagon too with this simple yet super delicious Mango Citrus Mocktail.

Semiya Payasam (Vermicelli Kheer)

Are you someone that tries to find a reason to have some dessert every time? I seem to have become one over the years. I feel that the guilt of indulging in sweets vanishes almost instantly when it is backed up with a good reason ;).

Chopped Salad with Lemon Basil Vinaigrette

Hello folks! How are you? How has the New Year been treating you so far? How have you been doing on your resolutions, if you went in for some? It has been a very pleasing year for me so far. We moved into our new house and have settled in quite comfortably. It is a nice feeling…

Figs and Dates Smoothie

Aren’t smoothies just amazing for breakfast? They can be so filling, nutritious and very very easy to make. The best part of it is that you can have them on the go.  If you can make them ahead of time and refigerate, your work day breakfast will be made so much more easier. Just fill…

Look Wonderful this Winter!

 Many of us kicked this year off with some good New Year resolutions. I got to hear a variety of them from my friends and coworkers. To spend more time for/with family, to focus on self improvement and personality development, to be more religious, to contribute more toward charity, to develop or improve their reading…

Avocado and Grilled Corn Salad

We’re starting to include more salads into our diet recently. With the varieties of vegetables that you get these days, one can come up with a new kind of salad everyday I guess. Nothing comforts me like a bowl of fresh salad on a warm summer day.   Speaking of summer, I know we are almost at…

Watermelon Limeade

Summer is on in my part of the world and watermelons are available in plenty at almost every grocery store. I went to a local farmer’s market nearby and saw some lovely,huge, whole watermelons that were priced so good. I brought a huge one home and left it  on my kitchen counter. I usually leave melons for…