My Pune Dhal

I waved goodbye to my family at the airport. They were heading back to the U.S after our short vacation in India from Bangalore. I was leaving to Pune for a two week Ayurvedic treatment and I wasn’t really looking forward to it. Well, I knew it was going to make me feel better and…

Malai Koftha

Weekends are so good. To unwind, be lazy, do nothing, nap, shop, catch up with friends and family, cook and eat peacefully, and so on. But, one of the most favorite things for my husband and I to do is to snuggle with our kids before bed time and recall plenty of little stories from our childhood and…

Kadhai Paneer

Unpaved and uneven roads, patches of wild and thorny bushes, stray dogs, cows and cats,  few small and simple houses in every street, very friendly and caring neighbors and ample outdoor space for children to play – that’s the picture of our neighborhood I fondly recall from my childhood. R was my neighbor, childhood friend, and my only companion then….

Multipurpose Curry Paste

Like most children, my 6 year old girl often has some stories to share with me at the  end of her school day. It usually is about someone’s birthday or something interesting they did at school or her friends’ outfit, shoes, hairdo etc. On some days there are more serious stories and some days with no stories…

Ridiculously Simple Tomato Biryani

What is your opinion about the current trends of diets, eating right, clean eating etc.? Isn’t it becoming more common than usual to hear/know/talk about health foods? Isn’t our generation more obsessed than any other about healthy eating?

Silky and Creamy Mor Kozhambu

It is going to be almost a year (well, nine months to be precise) since we moved in to our new house. We’ve been enjoying the additional space, luxury and the sense of accomplishment every single day. It gives us so much of pleasure to decorate it, have friends over and build cherish-able memories one after the…

The Tastiest Ever Vegetable Kurma!

Everyone around me knows that I’m a foodie, big time. Thoughts and questions related to food run as a parallel stream all the time in my mind. Wherever I may go, whatever I may do, my foodie antennae would always be up and active to pick up ideas, tips and knowledge about food/cooking.

Mango Yogurt and Berry Parfait

Today’s post is a special one and I’m going to be sharing some exciting news with you :). If you don’t have the patience to read through the entire post to know about it, simply scroll to the end :).

Mango Citrus Mocktail

It is raining mangoes everywhere. Grocery stores, food blogs, photography sites, lunch/dinner menus I’m hearing from my friends and family – all have something to do with mangoes now. I’m joining the mango bandwagon too with this simple yet super delicious Mango Citrus Mocktail.

Semiya Payasam (Vermicelli Kheer)

Are you someone that tries to find a reason to have some dessert every time? I seem to have become one over the years. I feel that the guilt of indulging in sweets vanishes almost instantly when it is backed up with a good reason ;).

Spiced Avocado Buttermilk – A Refreshing Summer Drink

Winter has been terribly tough and tenacious where we live. The stores have started to carry lovely spring clothes, but to get a glimpse of even a little bit of green grass seems impossible. It is snow, snow everywhere and white appears to be nature’s only favorite color for now.

Idli Milagai Podi

Long journeys with family in Tamilnadu are not complete without idlies dipped and drenched in spicy milagai podi and sesame (gingelly) oil. Everyone eagerly waits for their packet of these idlies wrapped in banana leaf that in turn is wrapped in some old newspaper and tied with a jute string. The banana leaf imparts its own flavor…