Kadhai Paneer

Unpaved and uneven roads, patches of wild and thorny bushes, stray dogs, cows and cats,  few small and simple houses in every street, very friendly and caring neighbors and ample outdoor space for children to play – that’s the picture of our neighborhood I fondly recall from my childhood. R was my neighbor, childhood friend, and my only companion then….

Ridiculously Simple Tomato Biryani

What is your opinion about the current trends of diets, eating right, clean eating etc.? Isn’t it becoming more common than usual to hear/know/talk about health foods? Isn’t our generation more obsessed than any other about healthy eating?

Chopped Salad with Lemon Basil Vinaigrette

Hello folks! How are you? How has the New Year been treating you so far? How have you been doing on your resolutions, if you went in for some? It has been a very pleasing year for me so far. We moved into our new house and have settled in quite comfortably. It is a nice feeling…

Easy Pulao for a Busy Weeknight!

This recipe and the pictures for the post have been sitting in my laptop since several months. I know, I must do a better job at posting more regularly here, but this year has kept me crazily busy right from the start. My days are in general quite hectic with a full time job and…